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The Town

Colburn takes its name from the first residents who settled along the Colburn Beck and translated means ‘Cold Stream’. It is believed that the first houses in old Colburn village were located by a man throwing 22 stones and building where they landed. The Coast to Coast walk passes through the old village and walkers can rest a while at the Hildyard Arms which was constructed in 1823. 

Colburn has traditionally had a very strong community which comes together when there are fund-raising events, problems which affect everyone and to enjoy each-others company. It is the largest of the 3 Garrison Parishes and growing rapidly – the 2011 census recorded there were approximately 4860 residents. The Town Council works hard to make sure that Colburn ward and its identity are not engulfed by the largest military base in Europe which sits on its door step.

In the late 1990s a massive push to alter the fortunes of Colburn was launched and resulted in Colburn Leisure Centre opening in 2004, alongside the Business Park and Darlington College at Catterick which were funded by a Single Regeneration Bid – resulting in the first modernization of the Village Hall and Church Hall. Colburn Village Hall had changed over its 50+ years. The latest refurbishment has resulted in the fabulous facility we enjoy now. The Village Hall hosts Colburn Community Café which has proved to be a wonderful asset to the community. Rev Andrew Cromarty is looking at funding to bring St Cuthbert’s Community Hall up to date too.

Colburn has the benefit of a great community primary school, a health centre, industrial estate, Business Park, library, the Broadway shops, the new Lodge development & leisure centre.

More than this, Colburn has something which other areas crave and that is community spirit. Long may that continue.