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North Yorkshire | DL9 4LZ

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Community Watch

ColburnWatch is a new partnership between the Colburn Community and North Yorkshire Police. Our aim as a group is to increase community safety in the area by sharing ideas.

We have already secured some funding for the group from the Communities Opportunities Fund and set up a twitter account (@colburnwatch), to enable followers to communicate quickly, share ideas and enhance community safety.

We are in the early stages of development and are hoping to gradually increase membership, attendance at meetings and social media community. We aim to provide crime prevention advice, opportunity to purchase items of crime prevention equipment such as lights and locks, help people with cybercrime issues such as scam e-mails and phone calls and generally staying safe online.

Anti-social behaviour has greatly affected our community very recently and Colburn showed a fantastic response as a community to what had happened. By coming together under the ColburnWatch umbrella, we can harness the great ideas and community spirit that is clearly out there for the collective benefit of us all, particularly our most vulnerable community members.

Lastly, if you have a Twitter account, please follow @colburnwatch, as well as our local police force (@NYPCatterickSNT) to keep up with local community safety issues. To report any anti-social behaviour you see, please call the police on 101 as soon as possible, ideally whilst the incident is in progress.