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Colburn Town Council consists of 11 elected members which includes 2 Richmond District Councillors and 1 County Councillor.

Mayor of Colburn Cllr Jagannath Sharma,  Deputy Mayor Cllr Colin Mincher, Cllr Michelle Dunning, Cllr Angie Dale, Cllr Andrea Crowe, Cllr Colin Lyne, Cllr Miles Burnham,  Cllr Akuila Tutora, Cllr Kevin Foster  & Cllr Rupert Hildyard


The Colburn Town Council has 2 sub committees in which Councillors deal with Planning and Play parks and Open Spaces.

The Committee members of the Planning Committee are  Chairman Cllr Kevin Foster,  Cllr Colin Mincher,  Cllr Colin Lyne & Cllr Rupert Hildyard.

The Committee members of the Play Park and Open Spaces Committee are Chairman Cllr Miles Burnham Vice Chair Cllr Michelle Dunning, Cllr Jag Sharma, Cllr Angie Dale , Cllr Andrea Crowe & Cllr Akuila Tutora

Cllrs representing outer  bodies are

Joint Burial Authority                                  Cllr Dale, Cllr Colin Lyne & Cllr Colin Mincher

Allotment Association                                 Cllr Dale 

Yorkshire Local Councils Association       Cllr Sharma & Cllr Dale

Village Hall Committee                                

Richmondshire Leisure Trust                     Cllr Colin Mincher

Colburn Town Council office is situated in Colburn  Village Hall. Office hours are Monday to Friday between 9 am and 2 pm. The Clerk or Deputy Clerk can be contacted on: 01748 833126 or Mob 07745657719. If out of hours please leave a message on the answering machine on the telephone.

Council meetings are held in Colburn Village Hall on the third Monday of the month (except August when the council is in recess. Also due to religious holidays eg, Easter & Christmas meeting dates may be subject to change.  If they are they will be pubilished on the notice boards and on our website). Members of the public are welcome to attend these meetings and may ask a question on any item listed. The time allowance is 10 minutes per person with a maximum time of 40 minutes per meeting. This can be extended in exceptional circumstances.

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